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Block chain

Block chain (block chaining) is a method in which small data, called 'blocks', are stored in a chain-based distributed data storage environment based on the P2P method, so that no one can be arbitrarily modified. It is a data forgery prevention technology based on distributed computing technology that anyone can see the result of change. It is fundamentally a form of distributed data storage technology, which is a change list written to all participating nodes that is constantly changing data, and is designed so that it cannot be arbitrarily manipulated by the operator of the distributed node. A well-known block chain {The block chain is itself a trade book and a deed (check, receipt, promissory note)} is a decentralized electronic book that records the transaction of cryptography. This transaction record is run on a computer running mandatory encrypted and block-chained software. Most crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, are based on block-chain technology.


WARNING, Always remember about the pitfalls and keep your backup keys in a safe place!

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IBT Chain

The current cryptocurrency market has a form of speculation or investment but could not enter into real economy. However, IBT Coin is considered a fruit of safe security and the payment system of preventing double-spending which is one of the features of block chain and seeks the real unity of payment in real economy. Especially, IBT Coin is the payment system coin used in NK immunocyte culture treatment, NK stem cell treatment and dental treatment under a use contract and thus can be the means of innovative transaction in various medical industries. Furthermore, a trade payment L/C is already obtained for IBT Coin and IBT Coin has settled as a shopping payment and medical payment system. IBT Coin will be widely used as a stepping stone of a practical economy network formed from all the races, countries and ideologies and ultimate smart economy.


Cryptographic Technology Scalability Review 2017.11

Seminar Private Sale 2017.11

Open Homepage 2018.03

IBTMAX Chat Construction 2018.03

Develop Explore 2018.04

Github Source release 2017.11.13 ~ 2018.04

List on Exchange Market 2018.04

Mining Pool develop 2018.05


Develop NEW Token , Testnet Test 2018.08~09

Prepare New Token , Whitepaper 2018.09

List IBT Coin on domestic exchange market, New Token website production 2018.10

Establish foreign branch ,Lunch Meet up , New Token ICO 2018.11

Intall Payment Platform Card 2018.12

List IBT Coin on domestic exchange market 2019.01

List New Token on domestic exchange market 2019.02

New Token Mainnet environment construction 2019.03

List IBT Coin on Coinmarketcap , List New Token on international exchange market 2019.04

New coin Mainnet Test 2019.06~08

New coin Mainnet Start 2019.09

Stabilization New coin Mainnet 2019.10


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